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SUCCCESS! Much More Than English: Teaching Compassion and Ecology

Since childhood, Vedrana has always had a knack for languages and learned English as a child and in University. “Learning about languages was always a special thrill for me. It is like obtaining a new life!” Her plant-based lifestyle fits in perfectly

SUCCESS! Bringing Opportunity to the Children of Albania

Elizaveta Biba (Liza) is the director of the Helen Doron Learning Center in Tirana and the national representative of Helen Doron English in Albania. Originally from Russia, Liza has been learning English throughout her life, “through the Russian school system, a private

Success! Helen Doron Student Now Teaching English

Laura Stickler, 17, from Vienna, Austria, is from a new generation of Helen Doron teachers who is following in her teacher/franchisee mother’s footsteps. She recently returned from a year as an AFS exchange student in the U.S.  and has begun training to

SUCCESS! Spreading Helen Doron English around the World

Isabella is yet another inspiring example of a Helen Doron teacher trainer who took advantage of the international franchise’s opportunity to train in one location, and then work in her choice of 35 countries!  Isabella was born and raised in Italy, currently lives in

SUCCESS! Empowering Kids with the Gift of English

Raneen Gharzuzi, from Tarshiha, Israel has experienced the Helen Doron English world from all angles: as a franchisee, as a teacher and as the proud parent of three Helen Doron students. The multicultural mom’s native tongue is Arabic, which is the language

Success! Freedom to Teach on Five Continents

Bobbharatn Rithipol (Beth) is a great example of a Helen Doron teacher who took advantage of the international franchise’s opportunity to train in one location, and then work in her choice of 35 countries! The truly international young woman has experienced many

SUCCESS! Parent, Teacher and Franchisee Loves Helen Doron English

Ana from Zadar, Croatia grew up speaking both English and Croatian. She explains, “My determined mother always dreamt of studying English and becoming a teacher, so she exposed me to English very early. Although her wish never came true, she passed her

Success! Bilingual in Portugal, Thanks to Helen Doron English

Eduardo Carrancho from Lisbon Portugal is 9-years-old and has already been a Helen Doron English student for 5 years at the Odivelas Learning Centre. His big sister, Beatriz, is 20 years old and his parents, Pedro and Isabel, are both economists. Eduardo’s

Success! Helen Doron English is a Winning Choice for Teachers and Students

Creative Croatian Helen Doron English teacher, Tea Tuda, hails from Zagreb where she lives with her younger sister. After studying English language and literature in university, Tea heard about Helen Doron and decided to do the coursework to become a Helen Doron

SUCCESS! Method Brings out the Best in Students and Teachers

Croatian Learning Studio Franchisee and Helen Doron English teacher Milena Romac absolutely loves her career choice and finds it meaningful and fulfilling, as she enthusiastically related, “I really like working with children and I just love the fact this job brings out