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SUCCESS! Bringing Opportunity to the Children of Albania

Elizaveta Biba (Liza) is the director of the Helen Doron Learning Center in Tirana and the national representative of Helen Doron English in Albania. Originally from Russia, Liza has been learning English throughout her life, “through the Russian school system, a private

SUCCESS! Empowering Kids with the Gift of English

Raneen Gharzuzi, from Tarshiha, Israel has experienced the Helen Doron English world from all angles: as a franchisee, as a teacher and as the proud parent of three Helen Doron students. The multicultural mom’s native tongue is Arabic, which is the language

SUCCESS! Parent, Teacher and Franchisee Loves Helen Doron English

Ana from Zadar, Croatia grew up speaking both English and Croatian. She explains, “My determined mother always dreamt of studying English and becoming a teacher, so she exposed me to English very early. Although her wish never came true, she passed her

Should English Teachers be Teaching Values?

When we teach, values are always implicit.  Showing respect for others, taking turns, assuming responsibility and turning in assignments on time are key values that are an integral part of what students learn in school. These values teach children not only to

Success! Helen Doron English is a Winning Choice for Teachers and Students

Creative Croatian Helen Doron English teacher, Tea Tuda, hails from Zagreb where she lives with her younger sister. After studying English language and literature in university, Tea heard about Helen Doron and decided to do the coursework to become a Helen Doron

Young Heroes Campaign Leads Change in Communities

Join Helen Doron English students in their drive to become better world citizens The Helen Doron Educational Group’s new campaign, Young Heroes, encourages children to work together for the betterment of their communities.  Young Heroes will inspire children everywhere to unleash their

SUCCESS! Classes Combine Acting, Singing and Dancing at Helen Doron

Karolína Vytykačová (Kaja) of Senec, Slovakia fell in love with the Helen Doron methodology in 2009 as a teacher, and enrolled her daughter, Jasminka, when she was only 6-months-old. Now at age 6, Jasminka loves English and feels completely at home at

SUCCESS! Building Children’s Self-Esteem and Confidence in Small Groups

Bright, bubbly Helen Doron Learning Centre Franchisee and teacher, Harisa Haznadar, tells her Helen Doron story in her own words: “I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and have a twin sister, as well as an older sister. Both of them decided

Helen Doron Gaia Finds Success Teaching English with the Helen Doron Methodology

Helen Doron Gaia, Portugal was interviewed on Porto Canal, national TV programme to talk about how the English learning centre teaches English using the unique Helen Doron methodology in the Storytelling technique. This Learning Centre is offering a monthly session with storytelling

SUCCESS! Sharing and Friendship While Learning English 

24-year-old Bojana studied English language and literature at the University of Banjaluka in in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The enthusiastic Helen Doron teacher’s husband is a mechanical engineer and the couple speaks Serbian at home. It was actually her