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6 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Brain Development

Your young child learns rapidly like the speed of light — from ages birth to three—producing 700 new neural connections every second! You can help him/her reach their potential as this developing brain growth is influenced by many factors, including a child’s

Six Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start

Did you know that children already start learning in the womb? It’s all about early stimulation, which allows the brain to develop faster as the child grows. It’s easy and fun to stimulate your child’s growing brains. Here’s how. Tip 1: Lullabies,

Learning Styles: Why There’s More Than One Way to Learn English (and Why It Matters)

Cast your mind back to your school days. Chances are, you sat in a classroom, facing forward, for hours at a time. Perhaps your teacher talked a lot, wrote things on the board, and handed out notes. But what about you? Was

Helen Doron Enriches Lives of Children with Special Needs

The Helen Doron ESL/EFL methodology benefits all children, even those with a variety of organic learning challenges. Developed by linguistic scientist, Helen Doron, over 30 years ago and supported by a multidisciplinary team, the unique Helen Doron methodology has also been found