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Spiral Learning – A Successful Approach to Learning for Your Child

More than 2 million children have learnt English through the Helen Doron methodology. What is the secret to your success? How does the method work? There are many features of the methodology that contribute to its success, let’s focus now on the

Researcher Judit Kovács: The most effective method teaching EFL – Helen Doron English

  Independent research reveals Helen Doron English is the Most Effective EFL Teaching Method. Here’s why. Following an increase of foreign language programmes in Hungarian public and private pre-schools for children ages 3-7 years, Professor, Dr Judit Kovács set about evaluating the

How to Nurture and Develop the EQ of Young Children

Helen, in this age of technology where families are often separated and rely on electronic communication to stay connected, how did you develop such a loving relationship with your grandson, Rohan, who lives in Korea? We speak as often as we can,

SUCCESS! Spain’s Youngest Teacher is Sweet 18 and Learned English with Helen Doron

Anna (who goes by the nickname Mixa) hails from Catalonia, Spain and lives in the architectural wonderland of Barcelona with her parents. From a very young age she was exposed to various languages, as she comes from a multilingual environment. Anna is currently the