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SUCCESS! Destiny Led This Franchisee to the Perfect Career

Sanja Župan Vuković from Zagreb, Croatia grew up in a home where learning new cultures and languages were part of life. Her mother is an English teacher and “spoke English to us from very early on so we often spoke English amongst

Teen Buzz Online Community Provides Seriously Fun Learning

Teens learning English to benefit from new website featuring interactive content, games, quizzes and a popular radio station. With more than 48,000 fans in 200 countries, Helen Doron Radio, the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) online radio station has become a

Thinking of buying a franchise? Avoid this common mistake.

Most franchise buyers carry out due diligence before deciding to invest in a franchise. But while it can help you uncover a great deal about the franchise you’re planning to buy into, and the company’s reputation and track record can go a

Can You Start a Business in Difficult Times?

Starting a business when the economy is bad or the political situation is unstable doesn’t seem to make sound business sense. The immediate gut reaction is: That’s too risky. Take the chance of starting a business now, when the economy is shaky

Making the Transition from Retail to Educational Franchising

Having spent more than a decade in the educational franchising sector, I’ve met many potential franchisees eager to enter this burgeoning market each with their own experience and personality. I often recall my meeting with a gentleman who had previously been a