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SUCCESS! Destiny Led This Franchisee to the Perfect Career

Sanja Župan Vuković from Zagreb, Croatia grew up in a home where learning new cultures and languages were part of life. Her mother is an English teacher and “spoke English to us from very early on so we often spoke English amongst

All-New Kangi Club Games Site Provides Educational English Entertainment for Kids

Children all over the world can enjoy their summer learning English with Kangi the kangaroo and friends—with more than 100 free games, design-your-own-avatars and more than 70 videos. Just in time for the summer holiday, the Helen Doron Group, an international leader

Considering becoming an EFL teacher? Don’t stop there. Start your own business.

EFL careers are attractive for a variety of reasons. For someone with a mastery of English, who enjoys working with people, and wants to travel, being an EFL teacher

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting an English Educational Franchise Business for Children

Next to buying a home, taking on an educational franchise is probably the largest financial commitment you will ever make. That’s why you need to be 100% happy

From Engineering to ESL: Launching a Helen Doron English Franchise in France

It might seem quite a leap of faith, but Elisabeth Ruelle-Megrelis’s move from an engineering and entrepreneurial background to bringing Helen Doron

Improving English Education in Austria

Is finding a good balance between work and home possible? According to Monika Laschkolnig, it is. She believes that her career choice, as a National Franchiso

Helen Doron Franchisee Empowers and Motivates Bulgarian Kids the Natural Way

Multilingualism has always been an important part of Helen Doron English teacher and Learning Centre Franchisee Rossi Milkoff’s family. Rossi and her family

Building Children’s Self-Esteem and Confidence in Small Groups

Bright and bubbly Helen Doron Learning Centre Franchisee and teacher, Harisa Haznadar, tells her Helen Doron story: “My parents always taught us that

Teen Buzz Online Community Provides Seriously Fun Learning

Teens learning English to benefit from new website featuring interactive content, games, quizzes and a popular radio station. With more than 48,000 fans in 200 countries, Helen Doron Radio, the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) online radio station has become a

Helen Doron Student Now Teaching English in Austria

Austrian teenager, Laura Stickler, is from a new generation of Helen Doron teachers who is following in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a Helen Doron teacher. Laura and her two sisters were brought up learning English the Helen Doron way.